The Portable Spray Solution

The first, and the industry’s most innovative airbrush that turns into a air gun. The vFan is used for precision paint and material dispensing, touch-ups and surface repairs, surface preparation and curing.


Complete portability when used with Preval’s 150 Feet of ENERGY and it works with air compressors. Its technology-based system can be found in production facilities globally. No matter what the finish is. No matter where the touch-up is. The stainless steel and brass designed vFan Airbrush System is a “work horse” and delivers a 1/16″ detail to 3″ fan spray pattern when spraying lacquer, exterior/interior paints, wood stains, latex, clear coats, solvent-based paints and more.

Preval_vFan_can Preval_vFan_disbursement-unit

Every Preval vFan Airbrush System kit includes:

  • 1 – vFan Airbrush with .9mm fan air cap and .9mm detail air cap
  • 2 – cans of 150 Feet of ENERGY
  • 3 – product containers with full assembly (6oz, 3oz, and 1 oz)
  • 1 – 6′ long air hose
  • 1 – extra .99mm spray needle
  • 1 – Pressure tank regulator for 150 Feet of ENERGY
  • Additional Dip tubes, tools and accessories
  • Instruction Manual enclosed in our Award Winning upright, Bi-lingual packaging

The vFan sprays:

  • Automotive primers, top coats, and clears
  • Marine primers, top coats and Gel coats
  • New Residential Interior and Exterior Trim
  • Decorative Concrete Stains
  • Cabinetry Lacquer
  • Most Water based paints
  • Most Solvent based and Oil based paints
  • Latex paints and over 2000 other formulas


For distribution and wholesale please contact : or call : 01332 366971